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Armor Stone for Erosion Control, Municipal Use, & Industrial Use

Also known as rip rap stone is a larger size stone that is used for erosion control along Rhode Island’s coastline.
We can provide beautiful blocks of granite up to 5 tons each.
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Armor stone has been used for decades to build coastal structures such as breakwaters and sea walls. The armor resists the forces caused by wave induced flows over and through the structure.

Sourced from quarries within the region will minimize transportation distance and cost. There are a variety of stone sizes that make up Breakwaters, with each stone size serving a different function: ARMOR STONE is the large visible stone that clad the outside layer of the breakwaters. They function to dissipate wave energy as waves hit the exterior of the breakwaters and move through the gaps between the stones. The main breakwater segment will be covered in armor stone two layers thick. In some locations in the breakwaters, the exterior armor stones will be replaced with bio enhancing concrete armor units Slightly larger TOE ARMOR STONES 4 feet in diameter will be used along the base of the wave side of the breakwaters to provide additional structural support.



For use in

Embankment lining and stabilization
Erosion control and shoreline protection.
Approved for use in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects.
We offer various stone sizes to meet your project needs.